Preset Marketplace Offline

This page has been modified to preserve resources.

What happened?

The images that make up the gallery you usually see have been taking up too much bandwidth. Unfortunately, the gallery plugin I use creates its own thumbnails for each picture, meaning that it doesn’t matter what size I make the original thumbnails. Until a way is implemented to maintain the original size, I’m removing the gallery to avoid the entire site shutting down because of one page.

When will the Preset Marketplace be back up?

I’ve been turning on the gallery the first and last few days of each month. I’ve written the developers and they said they would look into it, but that is no guarantee that the feature that is needed will be added. After a certain point, I will have to consider finding a new gallery plugin and rebooting the Preset Marketplace.

Can I still download templates?

Yes. I host the .zip files on Google Drive rather than my own site, so you can access the folder by clicking the icon below. You can change the order to “Last Modified” to see the most recent uploads. Unfortunately there are no names credited or preview videos, but it’s better than my whole site going down again.


Thank you for taking the time to visit the Preset Marketplace and for your understanding. I’m incredibly happy with the success of this page and would like to see it fully functional again as soon as possible.