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ActionVFX by RodyPolis

Fellow HitFilm user RodyPolis has released his highly anticipated ActionVFX packs. The website, which went live yesterday, features several categories of pyrotechnic and special effects, including: Explosions Fire Fireballs at Camera Fireballs Ground Fire Structure Fire (for windows and walls) Smoke Atmospheric Smoke Smoke Plumes (Free) Particles Lens Dirt Overlays (Free) Debris & Impact Dust Waves (Free) Free VFX The…
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HitFilm 3 Express Special Edition

  With Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming closer each day, FXHOME has announced a Special Edition of their popular editing and VFX software, HitFilm 3 Express! HitFilm 3 Express is a free editing program first released back in July 2015. My original blog post details the specifics. Basically, it’s still HitFilm and has the same basic editing capabilities and core…
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HitFilm 4 Pro – Continuously Evolving

Fantastic news: FXHOME has just released the latest iteration of their extremely popular all-in-one editing, 3D and VFX software: HitFilm 4 Pro! There are numerous and extensive changes implemented, especially to the way 3D models can be customized. Animation controls Alembic 3D animation import capability Bump and Normal Maps Grid Particles Improved Mocha software, including corner pinning More Audio effects…
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