HitFilm 4 Pro – Continuously Evolving

Fantastic news: FXHOME has just released the latest iteration of their extremely popular all-in-one editing, 3D and VFX software: HitFilm 4 Pro!

There are numerous and extensive changes implemented, especially to the way 3D models can be customized.

  • Animation controls
  • Alembic 3D animation import capability
  • Bump and Normal Maps
  • Grid Particles
  • Improved Mocha software, including corner pinning
  • More Audio effects
  • Rate Stretch tool

The HitFilm YouTube account uploaded a video today demonstrating some of the powerful additions, including a new lighting model (Cook-Torrance) for a more metallic looking material. Together with the ability to have the model reflect color and light from surrounding objects results in much more photo-realistic renders.

HitFilm 4 Pro also includes a plug-in called Boris FX, which allows for expansive title creation never before possible.

FXHOME is having a Thanksgiving sale in the HitFilm Store right now ending on November 30th. HitFilm 4 Pro is available for $349, upgrade $169. There are also several HD 4K 120 FPS stock footage packs (Gunfire, Flames, and Ground Hits) for $99 each.

Of course, there is a free demo for everyone to try!

I really hope to begin making videos again soon. The Fall semester is coming to a close and the projects are piling up like never before. I’ll get back to releasing content as soon as possible, but for now thank you to anyone who has been a part of my VFX journey!

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