ActionVFX by RodyPolis

Fellow HitFilm user RodyPolis has released his highly anticipated ActionVFX packs.

The website, which went live yesterday, features several categories of pyrotechnic and special effects, including:

The project began back in late 2015 with a Kickstarter page that described Rody’s vision of a new kind of stock footage pack, one that was based on community feedback and offered a wide variety of options for filmmakers. After conducting an online survey to receive information on what the community wanted, he began laying out ground rules for the pack.

Rody knew that the effects had to stay in frame, be of high resolution/frame rate, and be properly exposed to allow for extensive color correction. He also knew that not all fire takes place on the ground, and made sure to get the structure fires that would make it easier to composite onto a building. The Kickstarter set out with a goal of $20,000 and in the end made just under $60,000.

“Having a bigger budget has allowed us to rent better equipment (like that sweet Red Epic Dragon), shoot at a great local studio, hire more/better personnel, and we’ve also been able to experiment a lot more. The product that you’ll get isn’t our 1st draft; if something didn’t work at first, we try again until it does.” – Rodolphe Pierre-Louis,

There is a lot to take in with ActionVFX, and numerous options available. Take a look around on the website, explore and check out the various categories. You can subscribe to the official ActionVFX YouTube channel for demonstrations of the packs. But it doesn’t stop here; RodyPolis has also announced their plans for 2016 including a Gun FX pack (muzzle flashes, bullet hits etc), a Debris pack, a Blood FX pack, and Sound Effects (Gun shots, Fighting, Explosions, etc).

Which packs do you plan on buying? Feel free to share your work done with ActionVFX below. Many thanks to the entire RodyPolis team, this is truly an epic product and I look forward to the future!

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