The End: My FXHOME Internship Part 3

While I was happy to check in with my family, I did not at all want to leave Norwich and FXHOME.

I returned to Washington, D.C. on August 3rd and was greeted by my parents at the airport. I felt tired and a bit hungry from my flight, but was also immensely satisfied with the experience I’d just had. I’m repeating myself when I say that my internship at FXHOME was everything that I had hoped for, but now that it is over I can truly say it about the entirety of the trip.

As you might’ve seen, I spent the time after my first two weeks creating tutorials for the HitFilm YouTube channel. I felt right at home with this process, as it was very similar to what I’ve been doing on my own channel. One thing that I wasn’t used to was working in 4K for the stand-up scenes. The simple 10-15 second intro you see at the beginning of tutorials can be up to 50GB of footage! Knowing that multiple takes could quickly add up to gigabytes of memory was a good motivator to not mess up my lines.


The shoot with Ember Films was my first time on a professional film set. I can’t say what it is we were filming; just that it involved full military outfits, prop oxygen masks, a C-130 Hercules, and a lot of wire rigs. I also don’t know exactly when you’ll be able to see the final product, but rest assured that it is in progress and it is very exciting! There’s lots of VFX work to be done.

It was really cool to see experienced, Emmy-award-winning people operating the film equipment. Jip, the director, was great to work with and it was impressive to watch how quickly things moved along. Admittedly, the camera and lights take 30+ minutes to set up for each scene, so us actors were just hanging around during that process, but once everything was in place it was one take after another. The Ember crew could change lenses, hook up the camera rig, and adjust the lights with commendable speed and efficiency.

Andy001z asks: What things surprised you and what would you say is the biggest takeaway?

The weather surprised me, as well as everyone else. I kept getting told, “it’s never this nice”. It was pleasantly sunny and slightly windy 90% of the time. But other than that, I would say how friendly the FXHOME crew is even outside of work. I expected them to be a kind group, but I did not expect the cinema trips, weekly football, and weekend outings to restaurants and events.

My biggest takeaway is the experience working with an actual company: watching and learning how they organize both huge projects and smaller day-to-day ones; how everyone has a job to do and how they work together to be successful.

Triem23 asks: Your favorite photo or video clip taken while there. (Or, if you can’t pick one, we’ll take five! ;-))

One of my favorite pictures that I took is of Josh adjusting Basil’s mask on set. We had an incredibly talented on-set photographer during the shoot, Simon Buck, but those pictures haven’t been released yet. I’ve seen some of them, and they are stunning!


What DIDN’T you get to finish you wish you could stay with till it’s done (not counting Pro 2018–too easy)?

I almost missed out on the Ember Films shoot on July 31st, as that was the day I was originally scheduled to leave. I’m very glad that I moved my flight just a few days down so that I could attend, as it would have been a bummer not to be there.

As for something that I’ll actually not get to do, I would have liked to be able to progress our plans to go live on YouTube and Facebook more. I had one test run with Josh, which was a lot of fun. It was great to be able to interact with the community in real time, rather than back-and-forth comments.

So what happens now?

I am currently living back home with my family, playing Xbox and getting reacquainted with American accents. I’m also graduating from the University of Cincinnati in the next month or so and will not be returning to school this fall. So basically, at this point it’s time to start my life. Exciting! FXHOME has contracted me to continue creating tutorials for their YouTube channel, so do keep an eye out there for future content. I’ll be working for them remotely over the next few months, until future plans are finalized.

As always, thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement. Let me know if you have any questions! If you missed them, here is my first internship blog post and my second.


  1. StormyKnight

    Hey Javert, sounds like it was a very rewarding experience; especially the filming part!
    Glad the weather was cooperative. I would have been expecting fog, clouds and drizzle but sunny and
    a slight breeze sounds ideal.
    I will be looking forward to your tutorials as well. They’re always to the point and easy to understand.
    BTW- I’ve live in the U.S. all my life and I don’t hear any accent. lol Well, maybe down south and extreme east coast. lol
    Have a great day and congrats on a successful internship with an undoubtedly fantastic company!!!

  2. Stargazer54

    Welcome back to the states.

    What an awesome way to start your career! As an old guy, I envy the bright future you have ahead of you in VFX (assuming that is where you are headed).

    I have always been impressed with your professionalism and maturity. You will go far!

  3. Kevin Rittenhouse

    Welcome back home, and good luck on your future endeavors.

    Kevin Rittenhouse


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