Smoke to Text Transition in HitFilm Pro

This week’s tutorial¬†uses particles to create a cool smoke-to-text effect in HitFilm.

You’ll learn how to:

  1. Add Atomic Particles to warp and distort the text
  2. Use Blur to make it look more like smoke
  3. Mix the text with the Particle Simulator to blend the scene
  4. Transition the two from smoke to text using keyframes

You can download the preset below, then head over to the Preset Marketplace to check out nearly 100 free templates from the community!


  1. Phil Guy

    Many thanks for this tutorial.
    You must remember I emailed you a month back and asked if it was possible to create a smoke title effect in HitFilm,and guess what you’ve come up with the goods.
    Many thanks and i’m now looking forward to putting this tutorial in to practice.

  2. Cris Palomino

    Hi, Javert,
    This is a great tutorial. I am wondering as it seemed to indicate we might have access to the whole set of particle presets you made. Perhaps I missed it, but I couldn’t find it on the preset marketplace. If nothing else, I was hoping to get the preset for Rising Quads without it already set up in the file you provided so that I could see the changes as you show them in the tutorial.

    I’m in the process of trying to use your tutorial to transition from one set of words to another.

    Thanks again.

    1. Javert Valbarr (Post author)

      Hi Cris- glad to hear you liked the tutorial. The Particle Simulator setups are indeed on the Preset Marketplace, but here is a direct link:

      1. Anonymous

        Thank you so much, Javert. Very much appreciated as are all the tutorials. I am completely new to all of this and this is all so helpful.

  3. Cris Palomino

    Thanks so much. Not sure why I couldn’t find them. Your tutorials are very helpful as I am very new to motion graphics. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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