Getting Started Making Your Own Presets

The Preset Marketplace has been an instant success, with over 1,000 total downloads and 20+ submissions thus far.

If you’re looking to design and submit some templates but don’t know where to start, remember that the core function of a preset is to save time. Take a second and look back on your previous HitFilm projects: is there something you find yourself doing over and over? For me, a rolling smoke particle simulation was an atmospheric asset that I would create repeatedly, so it was a good candidate for a 3D preset. You could start with something small, such as a Quad emitter, and build on it until it becomes useful. Or just drop in a 2D effect, like Lightning, and tweak it until it turns into a unique development.

In addition to saving time, presets can also be used as a chance to create a specialized effect that might not have come up otherwise such as: Fireworks, Polar Spectrum, and Proton Stream. While these kinds of effects may not be applicable in numerous different types of projects, they have their specific needs and do the job well. See if there is an effect from a film you’d like to replicate; there is a ton of inspiring VFX work on the internet!

Presets come in many forms, with different complexity levels:

  • A bundle of 2D effects (color grades, Stars, Hand Wiggle, Chromatic Aberration)
  • A 3D effect (Dust, Fireworks, Embers)
  • A Composite Shot with several layers (Ragged Lightsword)
  • A whole Project File (Andrew Kramer Star, Lower Thirds)

Lots of effects can be made into a preset as long as they’re built within HitFilm (or you provide the files). Look back into your projects once again and see if there is anything that could be a specialized preset. Examples from my videos that could make good templates: Pirates of the Caribbean text, Doctor Who regeneration energy, a fleet of particles, Electro lightning, and a mushroom cloud. I’ll probably get started remastering those after I finish this blog.

After you’ve created your templates don’t forget to submit them to the Preset Marketplace, which is supported by the community and people like you. Thanks for reading, I hope to see your submissions soon!

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