Preset Marketplace Survey Results – Common Q&A’s

Thank you to everyone who took the survey for the Preset Marketplace!

At the time of writing this post I received 26 responses. I’ll keep the form open in the future for any further feedback; you can click the banner above to be taken to the survey. Today I’d like to share and comment on some of the results to keep you informed of the progress on the Marketplace.

Overall Rating of the Preset Marketplace: 4.4/5


“Some of the presets are mislabled do not work with express” 

Please don’t just leave it at that. If you think you’ve found an error, contact me through email or the contact form on this site.


“When clicking on a preset, there should be a short description of it along with the video. I find that the immediate download catches me off guard and is annoying. After clicking on the description, there should be a download button to prevent accidental downloading.”

“When clicking on a preset, instead of instantly downloading it, it takes you to a seperate page where it shows more screenshots and possibly videos so that the person can get a better idea of what it would look like in action.”

There are already descriptions and videos available for most of the presets. Hovering your mouse on the icons shows a short description, and clicking on the icon with the play button will show you an example video. There is also technically a download button: the link icon.


One of the most requested features for the Preset Marketplace is a category/folder feature to organize presets by things like lower thirds/particle effects/motion graphics, etc.

There’s a bit of a dilemma with this request because of the gallery plugin I’m using. Currently the Marketplace is set to have pagination, which means it display four rows of templates at a time. Enabling categories would disable pagination- it’s just the way the gallery works. So although the presets would be able to be narrowed down by type, the web page you’d look at would be super long and probably feel cluttered.

I’ve written to the developers asking them to implement both pagination and categories at the same time.


What would you like to see more of in the Preset Marketplace?

By far the most requested is particle effects. I agree; there are hundreds of customization options because of the versatility of the particle simulator. A few people said motion graphics and lower thirds. And one person said 3D models- that’s not what the Marketplace is for.


One user suggested a voting system for presets.

I like this idea but it is not currently a feature of the gallery plugin, so it’s up to the developers to implement it.


If you have any other comments or suggestions after reading this, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. If you’d like to contact the developers of the gallery plugin to request new features that I could put into the Marketplace, click here. Thanks for reading!

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