HitFilm 3 Express – Free Software for New Filmmakers

FXHOME has just released their latest product, HitFilm 3 Express. Like the previous lite versions of the software, H3E retains the basic editing capabilities and core 2D/3D compositing abilities. This time though, it’s FREE. The HitFilm staff partnered with Ryan Connolly of Film Riot to create this awesome Portal inspired short to launch the product:

One large addition to HitFilm 3 Express is the ability to purchase add-on features. Say you downloaded the software for free but would like to try out the particle simulator without the restrictions of the Pro demo. You can buy the Particle Simulator effect for $99.99 and it is now yours to keep inside the program.

Here’s a list of the numerous packs available for purchase:

  • 3D models $99.99 – activates¬†3D import
  • Particle simulator $99.99 – activates the particle simulator + atomic particles
  • mocha HitFilm $59.95 – speed up your compositing with 3D camera solving and planar mask tracking from Imagineer Systems.
  • Sci-fi pack $24.99 – animated lasers, lightswords, pulp sci-fi title crawl, hyperdrive
  • Colorist pack $24.99 – color vibrance, curves, grading transfer, LUT, shadows & highlights, vibrance, vignette exposure
  • Damage pack $24.99 – film damage, film grain, jitter, lens dirt, stutter, TV damage
  • Destruction pack $24.99 – blood spray, fire, gunfire, heat distortion, lighting & electricity, shake, shatter
  • Film looks pack $24.99 – bleach bypass, classic cine style, day for night, duo tone, 3 strip color, 2 strip color
  • Pro light flares pack $24.99 – anamorphic light flares, auto light flares, light flares
  • Atmospheric lighting pack $24.99 – auto volumetrics, gleam, light leak, light leak transitions, light rays, light streaks
  • Repair pack $24.99 – bilateral blur, grain removal, lens distort/undistort, pro skin retouch, rolling shutter
  • Starter pack $9.99 – 3D extrusion, color wheels, end credits, exposure, flicker, half tone color, leave color, scan lines, split screen masking
  • Premium formats $9.99 – enables AVCHD with Dolby AC3
  • Audio-visual pack $9.99 – audio spectrum, audio waveform

If you have a question about what a certain effect does, check out the HitFilm reference manual available online. You can also take a look at my YouTube QuickFX playlist, where I cover a single effect in a short tutorial video.

The HitFilm Forums have been extremely active since the release of Express; take a look there if you have any problems, questions, or would like to see community work.

And of course, if you have any questions for me feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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