The First 2 Weeks: My FXHOME Internship Part 2

My time in Norwich working for FXHOME has been everything I had expected, and more.

I’ve been having a wonderful time getting to know the people and the city. My coworkers have made me feel welcome, the weather has been incredibly nice (except for this heatwave), and I’m doing work of which I can be proud. The HitFilm team have put together an experience that has exceeded my expectations in every way.

My first few days were mostly guidelines and paperwork – standard new employee procedures. However, I was quickly given the task of creating the before/after VFX images for the Ignite Express webpage. This was great because it gave me the chance to help out right away. After I had completed those I made the video montage that you see at the top of the site. We use a website called TeamWork that assigns tasks in a checklist format to help keep track of things that need to get done, which has been very handy.

During the weekends, Josh and his friends have been nice enough to invite me along when they go out. We saw Wonder Woman on Saturday, Baywatch on Sunday, and Blade Runner the other day. It’s been nice to be able to get out and explore with friendly people instead of sitting at home. A language difference that I’ve yet to get used to is the fact that “you alright?” is a standard greeting, like “hi, how are you?”. I still get a bit confused when it’s the first thing someone says to me, because I’m used to it being an expression of concern.


As you might’ve seen, I filmed a promo video with Oli for Ignite Express. Admittedly, I was pretty nervous during the shoot. But Oli, as well as Kirstie and the rest of FXHOME, are so easy to laugh with that it all went well.

Here in Norwich, you can pretty much walk anywhere. If I’m making dinner and realize I don’t have any pasta sauce, I can put on my shoes, walk to the supermarket that’s at the end of the street, and pick some up. This is great coming from the U.S., where I have to drive at least 10 minutes to get to any sort of shopping center. All of the stores that I need are on the way to and from work.

Friday is Football Day at FXHOME. Several of us get together after work and play a game over on the fields at the University of East Anglia. I’ve managed to score twice over the course of two games, which I know is pretty terrible, but I’ve been having fun!

A good question I got from Triem23: What was most like what you anticipated, and what has been your biggest surprise?

Two things are exactly like I imagined:

  1. The homey feeling of Norwich, being that it’s small and there are streets filled with shops.
  2. The friendliness of the FXHOME crew.

My biggest surprise is how well this lifestyle has been fitting me. Prior to arriving I had done my research on Norwich and liked the look of the city. Of course, I also had several years’ worth of experience with HitFilm and some interaction with the people behind it. I highly suspected that I would have a good time here, and now that I am 2.5 weeks in I can say that I really enjoy the work and routine I’ve established.

This week I’ll be working on a new end plate for the YouTube channel, and starting to put together VFX and tutorials for my takeover next month. Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to hear about, and thanks again for your support!


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