Creating Light Streaks with HitFilm’s Particle Simulator

Learn how to create electric streaks of light in HitFilm with this week’s tutorial.

I’ll show you how to:

  • Use a pre-made Particle Simulation to get started quickly (available on the Preset Marketplace)
  • Create a custom texture to use as the light streak
  • Add a twisting point for elegant strokes
  • Make the 3D Camera follow the action, POV style
  • Utilize a 4-tier Glow effect to create soft, colored light
  • Layer in Atomic Particles for additional texture
  • Use Light Streaks, Gleam, and more to enhance the light

Thanks for watching!


  1. Phil N

    What’s the add-on for Express?

    1. Javert Valbarr (Post author)

      There used to be a Particle Simulator add-on for $100; if you bought it previously, it would still work. It is no longer available for sale.


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